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BTW, we also make that kind of stuff... (you are the author)

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Why you should use an ebook?


Sell your Essential Oils eBooks directly, without paying royalties to anybody

Higher Ranking

Build Your Brand Rank high in Google searches for your name or for your Essential Oils subject matter


Engage Your Readers, connect with your readers through updates, social media or inviting them to join your mailing list


Build an expert name for yourself in the essential oils field, an e-book is the best way to boost your credibility & authority.

Here is the proof that you NEED an eBook

Just take a look at an excerpt from my email. I have a free eBook called "Essential Oils & Ticks". From 06/16 to 06/30 it has been downloaded by 27 people who left me their email. That means that my ebook is downloaded twice every day. That's about 700 potential customers more in one year without doing anything!


Once I have their email (and usually their phone number), and I can email them or call them and tell them about what I'm doing: Essential Oils...

I know those people are interested in Essential Oils already because they downloaded a book about... Essential Oils...

If you want to be an efficient essential oils distributor, you should do the same.

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos

Imagine getting 2 NEW very interested prospects every day just because you have "written" and eBook...

But things are even better...

I also have an eBook called "Budget Crasher" about managing your finances for distributors. This eBook is NOT FREE. I am selling it for $7. Granted, I spent quite some time writing it... So, it has a lot of information about finances and is very useful (you can get it here). But, take a look at how many eBooks I have sold between 01/04 and 01/16: That's 21 eBooks SOLD in 12 days, - About 2 books sold every day!

That means that I am making about $14 every day by selling my own eBook.

On top of making money, those customers are also leads, and much more valuable for my business than the previous ones, because those are PAYING customers.

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos

That means they are SERIOUS about their business and they know they have to invest (in time and money and reading, and understanding, and efforts) if they want a greater return.

Frankly, you should do the same...

Do you really have the time to write an ebook?

This is your book!

Image of your name on this ebook done for you essential oils

The cost of the ebook is $39.99

Done for you ebook

Royalty free ebooks

  • upload on your cloud or website
  • print it as many time as you wish,
  • sell it
  • give it away
  • endless options

Yes, we have written this professional book, but you can put your name on it! What's more, you can have this book prepared:

  • with your name
  • with your bio
  • with your distributor #
  • with your email
  • with your team's name
  • with your website name

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos

How is this working?

The book is already written, we add your information on the cover of the book and on all footers. You download the book and keep it on your smart phone, your hard drive, your cloud or your website and you sell it (or give it away) as an incentive for a PSK purchase or to gather an email list of potential customers.

This is the information that will be printed:

  • Complete Name
  • Email
  • Distributor number
  • Biography
  • A LARGE (& nice) picture of you.

Additionally, you can request to add your telephone number (it's free), but we do not encourage it. Your address will NOT be printed. However, we need it for invoicing.

The cost of the ebook is $39.99

Image of ebook done for you essential oils

What are the benefits and advantages of having an Essential Oils ebook under your name?

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos


An ebook gives you immediately the "expert" status. If you are able to write a book, then you know what you are talking about, you will becime THE AUTHORITY and people will trust you much more over any another distributor that has NOT written anything and they will more likely be in your team.

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos

Boosted sign-up rates

A valuable ebook is a powerful sign-up incentive for new subscribers. If your list grows slowly, that's because readers are reluctant to hand over their email addresses; even if they love your content & they need extra help to sign up. An e-book packed w/ valuable content about essential oils makes a great incentive. Offer free information your audience would gladly pay for and you’ll improve your sign-up rates.

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos

On-the-spot delivery

Ebooks are delivered immediately. You can buy, download & start reading them within minutes. Don't drive to a bookstore. Buy it on the internet, you won't have to wait for days, or weeks to arrive. When you need immediate information about a particular oil, get it immediately, by downloading an ebook.

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos


Ebooks are portable. You can carry an entire essential oils recipe library of hundreds of books with you, on CD, in a laptop, notebook or any ebook reader, without worrying about their weight.

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos

Technical knowledge

Keep up with technology! Don't you need to become more tech-savvy? You need it because technology is evolving fast and Because ebooks are a part of the technology.

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos


Ebooks are always updated. In this period when the FDA changes the rules regularly, if your ebook has a part that is no compliant anymore, you can rewrite part that's wrong & republished immediately.

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos


Electronic storage You don't need a website to store an ebook because they take up no physical space. You don't need huge shelves or a room for them. You can store dozens, even hundreds of ebooks on your smartphone, computer or reading device.You can store it on any. Once it is saved, you can sell it, or give it away to your any of your essential oils customers.

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos


It used to be difficult to write your own ebook. Not anymore, because now, we write it for you and you just place your bio, your data & your name on it, get an instant expert status and just wait for your customers to contact you.
How much more easy can that be?

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos


Thanks to any smartphone, you can read ebooks everywhere, on the subway, bus, train, airplane, even while standing in line. You can carry on your smartphone or table a huge number of ebooks wherever you go, which you cannot do with ordinary books.

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos


Ebooks can show links to your website or to Young Living website, so your prospective customers can access the registration form.

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos


Ebooks are searchable. You can instantly go to any information in an ebook, instead of turning page after page.

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos


Ebooks can be interactive. They can contain audio, video, and animations, which can improve the message that you are trying to convey.

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos


Ebooks can be sold (or given for free) as bonuses, which you usually don't do with a printed book. If you have difficulties enrolling new members, you can always give away a free ebook to anybody that's buying a Premium Started Kit from you.

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos


Since ebooks are delivered through the Internet, there are no handling and shipping expenses. Purchasing and downloading an ebook is done through a couple of clicks. Any people living in a remote village in a far away county or on a small island can easily access your ebook.

Image of ebook done for you essential oilos


Fonts in ebooks can be resized. This makes it easier to read for people with poor vision. With an additional software, it is even possible to turn some ebooks into audio books.

Take a look at how many Facebook users are engaged thanks to these 2 eBooks.

This is a live feed from Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Below you'll find a few questions that we often receive. If you don't see your question below, contact us directly and we'll get an answer to you within 24 hours!

How long will it take to publish my eBook?
Our lead time is about 5 days, although more complex projects may take longer. If you need very personalized ebooks, let us know in advance if your project is urgent — we provide a rush service for an additional fee.

How much will it cost to publish my eBook?
We do not publish your ebook. You will need a storage on the cloud like Box, DropBox, Google Drive, ICloud, was. Most cloud storage is free. You can also setup a website. A website looks more professional, but it also a more expensive solution.

What if I don't like the eBook sample or cover idea?
No worries! If you want a very different cover, we can create one upon your instructions for a fee.

Which eBook formats can you deliver?
We convert your ebook to a PDF because PDF can be stored absolutely anywhere and can be read by any electronic device.

Can I change the content?
We rarely change the content of our essential oils ebooks because we know exactly what's authorized by the FDA and we know that our copy is the best for any essential oils distributors. However, you can change some content for a fee.

Is my payment info secure?
Yes! You won't see it, but all our payments are going through PayPal only, which means we do not receive nor store your personal payment details at all.

Is my content secure?
Yes! We never disclose your book's information or details about our partnership without permission.

What type of information do I have to provide?
All the information you will provide us will be included in your ebook. However, your address and telephone number will not be published on the ebook.

This is what the information that we need:

  • - Complete Name
  • - Email
  • - Distributor number
  • - Biography
  • - A LARGE picture of you.

How do you price an ebook?
Essential Oils ebooks propagate knowledge, not pages. That means it is incorrect to evaluate the price of an ebook according to the number of its pages. The price should be set by the value of the information offered; its usefulness or relevance; by the value of practical knowledge, inspiration, motivation, tips and advice; and by the uniqueness of the information.

Do you charge any royalties on my eBook sales?
Nope, never! Your earnings are yours to keep.

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