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Tips for getting MORE customers

Essential Oil Business owners always looking for dozens or even hundreds of new customers can invest heavily in using tens of thousands of brochures to get a return of just a small percentage of interested customers.

At 9 cents a flyer, it is the least expensive way to promote your business!

But for you as an independent Essential Oils consultant, the cost to embark on a large campaign where you'll print and blindly mail hundreds of handouts (especially if you're just starting your Natural Oils business) would not generate the sales quickly enough to justify the large expense.

So, I have packs that start at 45 flyers, just to test the market, and packs of 600 therapeutic oils flyers, for those who know how powerful a flyer is. However, your flyer WILL be effective if used to support your other sales efforts.

How to use a flyer to promote your Essential Oil Business

  • Use it as a leave-behind when making a door-to-door cold call.
  • As a follow-up mailer to a prospective client who's requesting "more information."
  • Distribute your handouts in targeted areas.
  • Since you are offering a business opportunity, try distributing them at the unemployment office.
  • Therapeutic Oils are also excellent for wellness so, visit the local gyms and exercise studios.
  • Post your flyers on Public Bulletin Boards found in grocery stores, community centers, banks, post offices, laundromats, etc.
  • Hand your Head To Toe flyers out outside of targeted buildings such as stores, unemployment office, restaurants, etc.
  • You can also distribute your flyers door-to-door.
  • Leave the flyers on the doorknob, or in mailboxes!.

Image of Head To Toe Essential Oils Flyer front side

  • Talk with apartment building owners, real estate offices. People just moving into the area are always in need of this type of information.
  • Check with your town's ordinances. Leaving handouts on people's cars might not be allowed in your city.
  • Be sure to know all local laws before starting your flyer campaign!
  • If handing flyers out in stores, malls, etc., be sure and get permission.
  • Parades and other public events are great places to hand out flyers.
  • A good idea is to encourage referrals. Tell people that "If you are not in need of our Natural Oils, please pass this flyer along to someone who is." You might be pleasantly surprised at how many customers this one line can bring in!

Image of Head To Toe Essential Oils Flyer back side

Image of Head To Toe Essential Oils Flyer front side

  • Never push your flyers on anyone.
  • Do not engage in conversation, just smile and offer the flyers.
  • Immediately follow-up if people want more information or if they seem interested in the content.
  • If people hand it back, smile and accept it back.
  • If someone argues with you DO NOT TRY to counterargue and convince, for one negative person, there are thousands of others who will gladly accept your flyer and information.
  • If people do not take it, move on.
  • Do not stop at one try. You MUST follow-up!
  • Never be discouraged!

Image of Head To Toe Essential Oils Flyer front side

Wait, there's more!

What's better than a banner made exactly to match your flyer? You can use this banner outside (any fair, farmer's market, mall, etc..) or inside (family or friends reunion, hotel meeting, convention, etc...)!

The regular price of the Banner is $99.99, but if you purchase the Head-To-Toe banner from this link, I will send you 200 Head To Toe flyers for free.

You save $34.00

Image of Head To Toe Essential Oils Flyer front side

The bundle flyers + banner is the best way to impress during a home reunion.

Young Living Essential Oils Best Marketing Flyers

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