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Essential oils can treat cold symptoms & even shorten your cold's duration. Learn how to use this alternative treatment by checking below.


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Flyer: Spiritual Oils of the Bible

There are over 200 Spiritual Oil references in the Bible. In this flyer, I’ll walk you through the Bible as we discover where 12 of the most popular oils of that time were found.

Essential Oils for Kids
Essential Oil for Babies & Kids

Learn the basics of how to safely use pure oils with kids & children. Discover what single or blend is being used for different conditions. This flyer also comes with a dilution chart.

Essential Oils for Yoga
Essential Oils For Yoga

Yoga teachers diffuse natural oils during class to enhance the asanas' uplifting experience, anoint students into Shavasana or use spray bottles w/ purifying oil blends to clean mats.

Flyer FL025 Essential Oils For Raindrop technique
Essential Oils For Raindrop Technique

The Therapeutic Oils for Raindrop Technique® combines targeted massage w/pure, E.O. for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, & relaxing experience. Reflexology chart.

picture of flyer essential oils head to toe
Essential Oils Head To Toe

Healing oils are used for a wide range of emotional & physical wellness application. Aromatically, topically, or internally you can use them on your whole body Head To Toe.

essential oils for diffusing at home
Flyer: Home Scents w/Essential Oils

If you know about the benefits of diffusing E.O., you know that you need to promote a diffuser to your team. This flyer has all the information to start a new business oil class

Essential Oils for all your body system
Essential Oil Flyer: Body system

The reason why Therapeutic Oils are beneficial to the body is because they have traits in common w/ human blood. This shows how to use that to promote EO to your team.

How to use essential oils to tame emotions
Essential Oils To Tame Emotions

Single Oil Reference Chart for Your Mind and Emotions. EO have a powerful effect on the brain’s limbic system, responsible for our moods, thoughts & hormone production.

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