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Essential Oils Glass Roll On & Rollerballs

Affordable Rollerball, Roll-On glass bottles (Clear, Amber, Blue or Frosted)

TheEssentialTools.Com is a consolidator of Essential Oils Rollerball, Roll-On bottles and Vials and pass the savings on to you, our customers. We carry an extensive line of Roller bottles.

rollerballs-roll-on-bottles-essential-oislYou can use our glass Roll-Ons for your own single samples (1ml), essential oils blends (10ml), to put in your own cleaning solutions (15ml) or as rollerball remedies. If you organize a small DIY or larger Make N Take Workshop and you are looking for any small amber, clear or blue Roll-On essential oils bottle or large glass containers, we definitively have the roller bottle you need.

Don’t forget to get your glass roller bottles for your make and take classes! Our roller bottles are very popular, and our prices are fantastic! Most of our bottles will come with some type of lid, but you can always buy containers lids separately too. People often use our Roller Bottles to promote their essential oils to their team.

Small Roll On Bottles (1ml)

Medium Roll On Bottles (1/3 oz ; 10 ml) with Plastic Roller Ball

Medium Roll On Bottles (1/3 oz ; 10 ml) with Metal Roller Ball

Glass containers are very attractive for people making their own essential oils blends and herbal remedies. If you are an Essential Oils distributor or professional TheEssentialTools.Com has the best selection of glass jars. If you are organizing DIY or Make And Take work sessions or seminars, we have round bottles with a dropper cap will love. Most bottles come in 3 colors: clear, amber or blue.

Here is a small list of glass products we have available:

  • Roller Ball Bottles
  • Amber Boston Round Bottles (also known as amber glass jars)
  • Clear cream jars with caps or lids
  • Sample Bottles & Vials for handing out to prospective customers
  • Colored mini-vials to reward your team
  • Glass spray bottles
  • Perfume bottles
  • Glass lotion jar with pump
  • Throat sprayer
  • Nasal Sprayer bottle
  • Glass rooms spray bottles
  • Glass storage sets
  • Screw Vials – with a few different vial closures
  • Small glass jars for samples, etc

Most DIY’ers, crafters, and Essential Oils business builders use our bottles and glass containers to make their own creams, lotions, salves, sprays, roll-ons and so much more. Whether you are reselling your own products, building an essential oil business or you just like to make your own essential oils blends or products for your own use, we have the containers you are looking for.
You will also find a lot of different lids from screw tops, flip tops, roller bottles, sprays, etc.

Don’t forget, all of our prices are for Essential Oils professionals and are not available anywhere else!

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