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Arthritic Dog Was Unable To Walk                            
how to promote your ebook

How to Use your eBook to Promote Your Essential Oils Business

How to Use your eBook to Promote Your Essential Oils Business This step-by-step guide to using eBooks is the fastest way to get your product or service noticed by thousands of online customers. Among the 1 billion people who now use the internet worldwide, the vast majority of them ar
Are you shaing your essential oil experience

Overcoming by sharing

Overcoming by sharing Guest Post By Catherine Schminski, Young Living distributor Are you listening? When I was working as a stylist, I had to listen a lot. When someone is in your situation, they have the time to relax. A bond, intimacy, and trust are made, and quite often people ope
essential oils above the wellness line

The Essential Oils Wellness Line

Sharing Essential Oils the Right Way: above the wellness Line When we share and discuss Essential Oils, we want to stay above ‘the Wellness Line’. Although we recognize that everybody is at a different place in their journey to ‘optimal health’, it is important

How a Few Drops of Essential Oil Changed My Whole Life!

How a Few Drops of Essential Oil Changed My Whole Life! I just received this testimonial from Sally, and I am reproducing it verbatim. Is your health insurance good enough? Some time ago, Sally was up to her neck in substantial healthcare bills, sick kids skipping class, and wasted da

Publish My Testimonial

Publish your essential oils testimonial! If you have an Essential Oils testimonial, you can be published too! Just send your testimonial with your email. As an option, you can add your last name, your distributor #, your tel # your website (if you have one) so people can contact you (
Thanks to essential oils, my migraines vanished

Testimonial: My migraines vanished

Testimonial: My migraines vanished I’ve had a lot of struggle with migraines, tension, sinus, and muscle related headaches. Here’s what I did to finally find relief. Migraines (no nausea) 1 drop Roman Chamomile (migraine-specific/sedative) 1 drop Lavender (headaches/sedati

Arthritic Dog Was Unable To Walk

. My sister’s dog couldn’t walk at all on her hind legs, maybe she was arthritic? We aren’t sure what the problem was, but I treated her like I would a human. We massaged Lemongrass, Lavender and Peppermint into all of her joints. She was able to stand up and then wa
Spider Veins Before Essential Oils

Testimonial: 20 Years Of Spider Veins With Some Cellulite Too

I have wanted to get rid of the spider veins (a.k.a. telangiectasias and angioectasias) on my legs for the last 20 years. I also have had a lot of cellulite (a.k.a. adiposis edematosa, dermopanniculosis deformans, status protrusus cutis, gynoid lipodystrophy, and Orange peel syndrome)
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